Thursday, 27 March 2014

A Spring Welcome 2014

"Let daffodils lift your spirits as you arrive at Ghyll Stile Mill Cottage in early Spring"

Walking round or resting in the gardens reassuringly reveals new life, as flowers begin to unfold and face the sunshine.

Wildflowers are appearing too along the banks of the streams flowing through Ghyll Stile.


Sunday, 2 March 2014


Ghyll Stile Cottages and its people - winter 2014

A warm welcome awaits you at Ghyll Stile Mill Cottage. 

You may meet anyone of my family pictured here below, if you visit Ghyll Stile.  Although on a permanent basis just three of us live here.  Nick, my husband. Jessie, my Mum. And me, Janet.

This is the first view that you will get this winter as you drive or walk down our little lane.  The building on the left is our self catering holiday cottage and the one in the distance is our own home............

We enjoy having visitors at Ghyll Stile Mill Cottage.  We like to be neighbourly but we definitely won't intrude on your privacy.